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MilkSafe MilkSafe MilkSafe MilkSafe
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MilkSafe is a convenient store for milk bottles, when they are either full or empty.

We make these to order, about once a month. Please email us to ask when the next batch is due.

MilkSafes protect your milk from thieves, cats, birds and the heat of the summer sun.

Constructed in 9mm, long lasting birch plywood (grade B or S, often specified for boats). Roofing felt (using stainless steel staples) covers the lid which is fixed with 2 brass hinges.

This has excellent weather resistance and can take a lot of abuse.

The weight of the lid is enough to protect the milk bottles from prying birds and animals.

The finish we use is very water repellant, carefully painted by hand applying 2 coats of Cuprinol "Garden Shades" (TM) which is certainly not cheap!

The lockable option works without a padlock - in the simplest possible way. The milkman does not need a key - he/she just twists the lock body. Then bring your key out with you to reopen it. When taking the milk indoors simply leave the box open for the next delivery.

The wall mounted model stands proud of the wall to allow the lid to open. Please note: if you choose our anti-theft wall fixings then a special screwdriver is included.

The milkman friendly model (shown in the lowest picture) is always wall mounted. This MilkSafe has a separate, back-tilted shelf to hold the empties. This allows the Milkman to deliver the milk in one smooth operation. With the other models he has to put the full bottles he is delivering on to the ground, take out the empties and put these down, then pick up the full bottles again to lift them into the box.

The thermal jacket is recommended if you already suffer well cooked milk i.e. it stays out towards midday.

SG from Scotland comments:
"The safe is great, I lined it with foil as you suggested and it works a treat. The local cats can't get at the milk and my postman sometimes uses it for small parcels - how versatile is that hahaha?"

DB from Aylesbury comments:
"For what it is worth I think your milk safe is a wonderful idea!!!! [After] hours of searching on the net yours was the only milk bottle solution I could find! I think it is great - really tidy - I love it!"

Internal Dimensions (approx):
Std 4 bottle: W325 x D97 x H200 mm
2 bottle: W161 x D97 x H200 mm
5 bottle: W400 x D97 x H200 mm
8 bottle: W325 x D175 x H200 mm
Plastic bottles (4@2-pint): W340 x  D97 x H285 mm
Plastic bottles (5@2-pint): W415 x  D97 x H285 mm
Plastic bottles (3@2-litres or 3@4-pints): W325 x 141D x 320H mm

External Dimensions (approx. incl. lid):
Std 4 bottle: W365 x D150 x H270mm
2 bottle: W201 x D150 x H270 mm
5 bottle: W440 x D150 x H270 mm
8 bottle: W365 x D228 x H270 mm
Milkman Friendly (4 bottle, bottom picture): W365 x D150 x H400mm
Plastic bottles (4@2-pint): W380 x  D150 x H325 mm
Plastic bottles (5@2-pint): W395 x  D150 x H325 mm
Plastic bottles (3@2-litres or 3@4-pints): W370 x D215 x H350)*

*This size is popular for up to five 1-pint bottles plus a box of 6 eggs. The eggs box sits on top of the bottles.

Please contact us if you need a different size or other information.

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