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  • 30/01/2023
    ratings 5
    Product: Love it! Protects the milk and eggs from sun and birds. The empty bottles are safe from wind and cats so no broken bottles. It looks great. Thank you so much it's an excellent product.
    Elsie Capener, Bridgnorth
  • 18/12/2022
    ratings 5
    Product: Just received my Milksafe, nicely finished to my specifications. I like the milkman friendly design, with space for the empties.
    Helen Eccles
  • 21/04/2021
    ratings 4
    Great product, great options, but delivery a little longer than expected.
    Service: Excellent options for the final product. Just took a little longer than expected. I know it’s different with COVID and possible changes necessary to provide safe working environment, which may have impacted manufacture. I would have preferred if some delivery date had been forthcoming. I was just starting to worry, when the email arrived to say it was on its way.
    Product: I was suffering odd thefts, when milk delivered to step. We are visible from the street. I did not mind the odd pint, but when it was the cooler and all its contents, we decided a secure box would do the job. Saved by Milksafe.
    Reply from Milksafes: Thanks for the really positive comments on the Milksafe. As far as delivery times are concerned we make Milksafes once a month (this is very clearly stated in the web site). Assuming there are no holidays, this means we might start the next batch the same day you place an order, or up to a month later, "as the dice rolls". We then spend up to two weeks making the batch. Once ready, they are delivered the next day. I note you received your particular Milksafe 5 weeks after placing your order so while this reassures me we were on task, I am sorry you had one of the longer wait times. I am sure your patience will be rewarded.
    Chris Stannard, Reading
  • 06/04/2021
    ratings 4
    Service: Very good. Delivered within expected timescale.
    Product: Very well designed and made.
  • 17/03/2021
    ratings 5
    Great company and product.
    Service: When I had a small query after delivery they replied very promptly and satisfactorily.
    Product: Very happy with my milk safe. Very well made, looks great and it’s such a relief to get it each morning without worrying it’s been stolen or opened by foxes!
    Jen Powell
  • 10/03/2021
    ratings 5
    Service: The website was easy to use and described their products fully. I was kept fully informed of the progress of the order and it arrived on time.
  • 17/02/2021
    ratings 4
    Good solution to milk thieves.
    Service: We had to wait a few weeks for the Milk Safe but I think the Pandemic was mainly the reason so understandable.
    Product: We've had our milk stolen twice so we needed to put something in place to avoid it happening again. The box we bought was wall mounted, painted, including a locking device and fixing kit. It's not the cheapest with these options so it's probably not going to be the first choice for every customer. It's robust and we're happy with all the same. It's relatively easy to fit with the fixing kit supplied but it's only attached at the top of the box. I've fitted ours about 0.5 metre for the floor on an outside wall but it 'rotates' away at the bottom meaning someone may be able to pull it off the wall with a bit of force. To compensate for this I've added a small centrally mounted bracket that I had lying around that stops it being pulled away. So 4/5 stars.
  • 16/02/2021
    ratings 5
    Blown away!
    Service: I live in a windy area of the UK and my milk bottles kept blowing over and smashing, so I had to cancel my milk deliveries as I was tired of sweeping up broken glass and the sounds of broken glass was putting the neighbour on alert... Now with milk safe I can safely go back to milk deliveries and have a restful sleep at night with happy neighbours! (11/10)
    Product: Exactly what you expect - if you're waving on buying just do it! You won't regret it.
  • 25/01/2021
    ratings 5
    Service: Easy to order and good service during lockdown, box arrived safe and well packed and is well made
    Product: A little pricey but worth it to keep your milk safe, I get 3 pints of milk, 2 yoghurts and a cottage cheese left in mine and the milkman likes it he says it's better for his back.
    Michael Knight
  • 13/01/2021
    ratings 5
    Great product
    Service: Very pleased with our new milk safe which is exactly as described and arrived right on time as per original order. Many thanks
    Product: Hopefully saved us from milk thieves!
    Brian Cullum
  • 04/01/2021
    ratings 5
    Good design and good customer service
    Service: Good design and good customer service
    Product: Pricey but well designed and built
  • 20/12/2020
    ratings 4
    Great product well thought out
    Service: Really pleased with the product. Well made and thought out. Took longer than expected to be delivered.
    Product: Took longer than expected but well designed and made
    Robert Jackson
  • 27/11/2020
    ratings 5
    Good product
    Service: Excellent product and easy to fit. Well built.
    Product: Well made and easy to fit.
  • 23/11/2020
    ratings 5
    No issues
    Service: It's a little unusual since it's not integrated with any of the well known shop systems so I was a little bit uneasy about buying but there were no issues.
    Product: I started getting my milk delivered in the summer and quickly realised I needed a better solution than a wire basket as my milk was going bad in the heat. I spent hours looking around and this was the only solution I found that seemed worthwhile. Delivery was within the given timeframe and the unit itself is well made and looks good. Took a few attempts and repeated instructions to get the milkman to use it properly but they seem to have figured it out now and it means my milk stays cold and is safe from the birds.
  • 21/11/2020
    ratings 5
    Safe Milk etc
    Service: Excellent service
    Product: Does what it says keeps milk and dairy deliveries safe - especially from Mr Magpie who demolished a loaf of bread early one morning, plus swallowing the top of the milk on a regular basis.
  • 19/11/2020
    ratings 5
    Excellent Product And Service
    Service: Excellent service from this company, as well as a quality item. In spite of ordering during a very busy time, the order was processed in a timely manner. Packaging was excellent. We would be very happy to recommend this company, based on the item we purchased. We are very pleased.
    Product: * Milksafe with lid and lock ordered * It looks very smart and is keeps the doorstep area clean and tidy * In spite of leaving details & request, we now need to persuade the milkman to use the lock!!
  • 18/11/2020
    ratings 5
    Very good despite some drawbacks.
    Product: Excellent protection. Key worked best after spraying the lock with WD 40. Milksafe not quite deep enough from front to back to hold a box of six eggs. Protected against foxes and heat from sun.
    Reply from Milksafes: Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know if the lock needs to be replaced. The 4 bottle Milksafe will hold a box of eggs if placed inside on-end (though it will take up the space of 2 milk bottles). For the review reader - please do consider our larger Milksafes, some of which will take bread and eggs for example.
  • 18/11/2020
    ratings 4
    All great and saves milkman bending down but hasp going rusty already
    Service: Great service yes would recommend
    Product: Don't have to bend down nor does the milkman
  • 03/09/2020
    ratings 5
    Done the job!
    Service: Excellent customer service, easy to order to custom.
    Product: Perfect and the ideal way to store my milk safe - also milkman friendly and made their life easier with no further worries of theft, etc...
    Ayaz Sheikh, Leicester
  • 27/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Service: Great purchase So glad I found you on the website.
    Product: My purchase is very well made and will be ideal for the milk bottles in all weather. Many thanks I will recommend with confidence.
    Andrew Cawood
  • 24/07/2020
    ratings 4
    Well made but with one minor problem.
    Service: Their service was good considering the National Covid problems. Not too much of a delay.
    Product: The safe was well made and finished but there were 2 sets of fixing holes drilled in the rear. Neither were accessible from the front of the safe as they were drilled a little too low. Luckily I have a very long screwdriver with a very slim shaft. Many people would have struggled to screw the item to the fixing batten without. drilling 2 more holes in the back approx. 1 inch higher. Otherwise it was very good.
    Reply from Milksafes: I'm sorry you experienced a potential problem, but are glad you were able to overcome it. We think most screwdrivers should work fine (we have a fair collection of brands here!). It's not a problem that has been reported before. On the other hand it's possible we made a mistake/human error on your particular Milksafe - in case that's what happened we readily apologise. We hope you enjoy it for a long time going forward.
    Maureen Prior
  • 24/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Great box that keeps the mik safe from the cat.
    Service: Great purchase, easy and came really quickly.
    Product: Our neighbour's cat had an obsession with grabbing our milk each time the milkman came and we often had nibbled foil tops and bottles knocked over. I had been looking and looking online and there was what seemed nothing that actually covered the milk anymore and only bottle holders that still left the milk tops in a vulnerable cat nibbling position. Milksafe was a great concept and covered the milk, and kept it away and dry from the cat and elements and made a useful parcel box when it was empty, a double bonus. It was easy to put up and has been keeping our milk safe ever since!
    Samantha Lee
  • 23/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Great Company - Great Product - Very Happy
    Service: What a fantastic, definitely needed product. We love it, the milkman loves it - what more can I say. Great Design, Great Build Quality, Great Packaging - Quick Delivery. Effortless to install and use. I wished I had found the product years ago. It's perfect in every way - just the right size - insulated - keeps the milk cool in summer, stops it freezing in winter - stops the birds from pecking the foil caps. Somewhere to store the empties. I can't fault it. We couldn't be happier. No I just need to source an 'AmazonSafe' :)
    Richard Tolley
  • 12/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Service: Impressed with the call back to query my order and the predicted delivery.
    Product: Very impressed with my milksafe. It hangs on the wall, looks good, keeps everything tidy and stops the wildlife attacking the milk and juice bottles!
    Alison Stallard
  • 11/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Service: They were awesome and quick to respond when I contacted them
    Product: Love my milk safe now I don't have to worry about my milk being stolen anymore
    Natasha Green
  • 10/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Service: my enquiry was handled very quickly
    Product: I love my milk safe it stops the milk being taken and my milk man is impressed and other people have commentated as well
    Rhian Jenkins
  • 09/07/2020
    ratings 5
    saves your milk from foxes
    Product: Quality product that stands up well to the elements and protects milk from foxes.
    Anthony, SE London
  • 08/07/2020
    ratings 5
    milk and dairy product
    Service: Excellent product and excellent service
    Product: Never let me down Many years of reliable service
    Richard J., West Wickham
  • 08/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Milksafe is an excellent product, easy to use, keeps milk safe and secure
    Service: Excellent communication and explanations of milk safe products and order timescales
    Product: It locks and unlocks easily, the milkman knows how to use it, the safe lockable storage of milk prevents early hours milk bottle thefts or ravaging by squirrels or foxes!
  • 08/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Service: The web site was easy; the product came on time, so I was happy.
    Product: The safe does the job well; I am glad I bought it.
    Mike Albutt, Cambridge
  • 08/07/2020
    ratings 5
    Milk protection safe a must.
    Service: Great Product.
    Product: Fabulous piece of kit. Does its job
    Stephen Lee
  • 08/07/2020
    ratings 4
    My milksafe was made and sent to me as promised; my son attached it.
    Service: I would recommend the milksafe, it works very well.
    Product: There are no problems with the milk safe, my milkman has used it three times a week, and it keeps the milk well until I take it out and bring it into the house. I was worried about the milk being kicked on the pavement.
    Mrs P E Kennedy Scott, Sudbury
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    Well worth the cost. The milkman is very happy to use it.
    Service: We wanted to put a stop to casual theft of our milk and the Milksafe is the ideal solution.
    Product: It's now 7 years old. The designers have obviously thought carefully about how it would be fitted and used, even including a short screwdriver that fits inside when fixing the box to the wall. It was not cheap but the good quality materials, solid construction and peace of mind it provides make it well worth the cost.
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    It's the smartest milk store we have ever had
    Service: Nic has been extremely helpful.
    Product: We haven't had milk stolen but we wanted to protect it from the birds & the weather! The MilkSafe is very well made. Thanks Nic. We are delighted with our MilkSafe (4 bottles hidden & thermal jacket).
    Ruth Wright
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    An excellent design.
    Product: The box is competently crafted, looks good and functions well. The milk box I bought from you in 2012 is still functioning well
    Susan Wood
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    Even after 10 years I can thoroughly recommend this product.
    Product: I was delighted at the quality of the box (milkman-friendly, lockable version) and the fixtures & fittings supplied. The instructions are clear and only limited DIY skills are required in assembly. The milksafe is still in use and remains in perfect condition - a testament to the rugged construction.
    David Rowland
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    After 9 years it's still on our wall, and still working
    Product: I bought the milkman friendly milk safe after having problems with getting our milk stolen. I was really pleased with it. It's neat, well constructed and has stopped our thieves in their tracks!
    Alison Rigby, Billingham
  • 26/06/2020
    ratings 5
    Nearly 4 years later the first ones are lasting well.
    Product: I bought my first Milk safe in autumn 2016 (and added another 2 years later!) for a present for my husband. Birds were persistently pecking the tops, and slugs climbed our bottles. We have had slug free and sealed bottles all year- and the added insulation meant our early hours delivery survived the humid nights this summer. I am now ordering for my parents as they can see the benefits too! Expensive but a quality product and so versatile to suit your needs.
    Ruth Drake