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    • 30/01/2023
      ratings 5
      Product: Love it! Protects the milk and eggs from sun and birds. The empty bottles are safe from wind and cats so no broken bottles. It looks great. Thank you so much it's an excellent product.
      Elsie Capener, Bridgnorth
    • 18/12/2022
      ratings 5
      Product: Just received my Milksafe, nicely finished to my specifications. I like the milkman friendly design, with space for the empties.
      Helen Eccles
    • 21/04/2021
      ratings 4
      Great product, great options, but delivery a little longer than expected.
      Service: Excellent options for the final product. Just took a little longer than expected. I know it’s different with COVID and possible changes necessary to provide safe working environment, which may have impacted manufacture. I would have preferred if some delivery date had been forthcoming. I was just starting to worry, when the email arrived to say it was on its way.
      Product: I was suffering odd thefts, when milk delivered to step. We are visible from the street. I did not mind the odd pint, but when it was the cooler and all its contents, we decided a secure box would do the job. Saved by Milksafe.
      Reply from Milksafes: Thanks for the really positive comments on the Milksafe. As far as delivery times are concerned we make Milksafes once a month (this is very clearly stated in the web site). Assuming there are no holidays, this means we might start the next batch the same day you place an order, or up to a month later, "as the dice rolls". We then spend up to two weeks making the batch. Once ready, they are delivered the next day. I note you received your particular Milksafe 5 weeks after placing your order so while this reassures me we were on task, I am sorry you had one of the longer wait times. I am sure your patience will be rewarded.
      Chris Stannard, Reading
    • 06/04/2021
      ratings 4
      Service: Very good. Delivered within expected timescale.
      Product: Very well designed and made.
    • 17/03/2021
      ratings 5
      Great company and product.
      Service: When I had a small query after delivery they replied very promptly and satisfactorily.
      Product: Very happy with my milk safe. Very well made, looks great and it’s such a relief to get it each morning without worrying it’s been stolen or opened by foxes!
      Jen Powell
    • 10/03/2021
      ratings 5
      Service: The website was easy to use and described their products fully. I was kept fully informed of the progress of the order and it arrived on time.
    • 17/02/2021
      ratings 4
      Good solution to milk thieves.
      Service: We had to wait a few weeks for the Milk Safe but I think the Pandemic was mainly the reason so understandable.
      Product: We've had our milk stolen twice so we needed to put something in place to avoid it happening again. The box we bought was wall mounted, painted, including a locking device and fixing kit. It's not the cheapest with these options so it's probably not going to be the first choice for every customer. It's robust and we're happy with all the same. It's relatively easy to fit with the fixing kit supplied but it's only attached at the top of the box. I've fitted ours about 0.5 metre for the floor on an outside wall but it 'rotates' away at the bottom meaning someone may be able to pull it off the wall with a bit of force. To compensate for this I've added a small centrally mounted bracket that I had lying around that stops it being pulled away. So 4/5 stars.
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open milksafeWelcome to the home of the original Milksafe! (established in 2000)

Keep your milk deliveries safe in a Milksafe. A Milksafe is a purpose made milk bottle holder to protect and guard against cats, birds, frost and the heat of the summer sun. A proper box does all that, compared to a simple basket or wire bottle holder. Think box, not basket or wire holder.

The optional lock will also deter thieves.
Milksafe - Buy nowBuy now

Use Order online in the menu above to price your own specification Milksafe, or contact us for a custom design. Our secure online store accepts most credit cards and takes cheque orders too.

Milksafes are a convenient store for milk bottles, when they are either full or empty.

Milksafes hold 2, 4 (standard size) or 8 glass bottles or cartons. Some are made for plastic milk bottles. We'll make custom sizes too - please enquire.

Many sizes and optional features
We have a selection of sizes available to order now. Other custom sizes can be made to order – please ask.

We manufacture lockable and wall hung Milksafes and have also introduced our Milkman Friendly version: a box for the milk, with a shelf for the empties. Your Milkman can then put the bottles in the box and grab the empties, all in one smooth motion

milksafe wall mounted lockableSolid Construction
A Milksafe body is constructed in 9mm, long lasting birch plywood (grade B or S, often specified for boats). This has excellent weather resistance and is designed to last.

The "feet" are made from 9mm thick recycled plastic, truly robust and rot resistant.

The lid is covered with premium grade EPDM rubber designed to survive all weathers for many years, with stainless steel staples and is fixed with 2 brass hinges. The weight of the lid is enough to protect the milk bottles from prying birds and animals.

The lockable Milksafe is left unlocked until loaded, then with a twist of the lock it will lock fast. The householder then opens it again with a key.

The Wall hung model is held securely by two screws e.g. into brick.

wallmounted milksafeStandard internal dimensions (approx.)
Side to side: 325mm
Front to back: 97mm
Larger sizes are available: if you don't find a size to suit your needs please ask.

Prices from…
Standard 4 bottle Milksafe (wall hung option):
Untreated £71.99
Treated £79.18
Lockable + £13.79
N.B. The inside of your Milksafe will also be treated. Photos show treated models.

Made in Britain Logo


The optional lock offers protection against larger animals (foxes, etc) and also deters theft. lock milksafeThe genuinely high quality lock is supplied with two keys. The milkman does not need a key - he/she just twists the lock body. To collect your milk bring out your key to reopen it. Then simply leave the Milksafe open for the next delivery.

Freestanding or Wall hung (includes fittings)

Milkman Friendly version with shelf
This has a separate shelf for empties which allows your delivery person to place milk bottles into your Milksafe in one action.

Thermal liner – a high technology liner equal to 50mm thick polystyrene, that’s easily removed to wipe clean.

Dials - Milk & Eggs, Days of the week – use one of our handy milk dials to say what your requirements are, and on which day, without using paper and pen.

Order now from our secure online store which accepts most credit cards and takes cheque orders too.

Or by calling us direct (note: we may answer as www.extraglaze.co.uk, the parent business):
07961 441 833


wallmounted milksafeIMPORTANT
When ordering by phone please specify:
1) Free-standing or Wall-hung/Milkman friendly
2) Bottles seen or hidden
3) Treated or untreated (treated strongly recommended)
4) Lock – yes or no
5) Plus any other special requirements* (e.g. thermal liner, other size, padlock hasp, etc)
Delivery in UK from around £11.50 dispatched within 28 working days (often 10 working days)
Enquiries for bulk priced orders welcomed!

*To price your very own Milksafe please use Order online in the menu at the top of this page, to make your selections then add a Milksafe to your online basket.